The GI Hopkins/ADtasticHosting
Customized Project Management System

Do you juggle innumerous projects? Have scheduling nightmares? Assign multiple client related tasks to many employees? Need a system to track Client Billables efficiently? Struggle to manage your daily workload though faxes and emails? Have piles of TODO lists and mountains of sticky notes?

Customized Project Management System
The customized project management system provides an easy to implement system to construct, record and completely automate your project management activites.

Gone are the Days of TODO Lists and Piles of Notes
The customized Project Management System provides unlimited project and task management documentation capabilities in a simple to operate real-time environment that is accessible by any of your project staff simultaneously. Acts as your virtual office.

Track your Planning into Infinity
With the Customized Project Management System you can track your planning and adapt quickly to an ever changing project environment instantly and easily.

Boost Your Productivity, Communications and Service
With your project organizational structure and details, tasks and sub-tasks, schedules, client/vendor/internal information, service and issue related tickets, accessory files and a host of other information just one click away boost your productivity, communications and service to a new level. Access the system from any computer with an Internet connection either on site or from the office/home/hotel/cafe- wherever and whenever you need.

And Here's The Best Part:
Whether it is construction management, simple or complex project management, project or asset tracking, task management/tracking or project scheduling, Customized Project Management is a clean and simple system that is easy to implement and use and unlike other similar systems available will not cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to implement and operate. Compare this system to comparable software costing upwards of $20,000.00 and similar programs with high installation costs and hundreds of dollars in monthly hosting fees.
The GI Hopkins/AdtasticHosting Customized Project Management System has Free Installation and a low monthly hosting fee of $39.95.
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